Get ready, you’re about to discover scent heaven

Our range of ECO Melts and Candles are all hand poured from our refined Coconut and Rapeseed blend meaning a stronger scent and a longer burn time.

As a progressive Artisan Candle Maker we have moved to Coconut Wax blended with Rapeseed oil. Paraffin Free and Sustainable. Our ECO Melts & Candles pack a punch and fill your house (depending how big your house is of course) with the most amazing perfume. Coconut wax is harvested from the flesh of the coconut, Rapeseed wax is grown in the UK and Europe under strict sustainable guidelines. Handmade by Matty in Nottingham. We exhibit regularly all around the Midlands and are excited to bring you on our waxy sustainable journey. All our Candles are in aluminium tins 7.5cm high/wide and burn up to 40 hours.



Our melts are packaged in a 30 micron plastic sleeve which is so thin, it bio degrades in landfill even without light and heat. This is our significant change to the alternative on the market which is single use plastic clamshells. With this new alternative there is no reason to clog the refuse with plastic packaging. Our recycled card which is manufactured in Nottingham is bleach free and keeps the melt in perfect condition when it arrives. There is no glue sealing the box, it’s a self closing packet. Our new Coconut and Rapeseed Wax is free from  Palm Oil, Free from Paraffin, Free from Soy Wax and completely sustainable. Because the coconuts are harvested by local indigenous farmers you are supporting local trade abroad. The Rapeseed is made under strict guidelines in the UK and in abundance. Free from bee harming neonicotinoids. Soy is now contributing to deforestation. Because of this we have made a progressive change to our product.



Strong scent that packs a real punch filling your home with our scented candles. The price is phenominaly great value and once you’ve burned a  Matty’s Candle there’s very little chance of you going back to paraffin. All of our candles are hand poured and sold in tins. We mix the fragrance oil which makes up 10% of the wax and make sure it is scented all the way to the bottom. Not like those “other” market leaders that just do an ‘inch or two’. Make the switch to ECO Melts and Candles. With Matty’s Candles


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