Blueberry & Vanilla 100g Scent Oil


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OurĀ  diffusers are made with Perfumers Oil as opposed to a base carrier oil. We also use Fibre reeds which result in a stronger scent throw rather than Rattan which can get clogged. The Fibre reed acts like a wick and distributes the scent more evenly. Best placed in a warm area to allow the scent to carry. Use 5 reeds for a low scent, 6 for medium and 7 for its full strength. Using 6 reeds will generally last for a minimum of 4 weeks before the alcohol evaporates completely. Don’t be confused with the cheaper alternative from local supermarkets which have a very strong scent for the first two days and then nothing. Matty’s diffusers will have a constant subtle scent throughout their life span.

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