Black Orchid Room Mist


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Black Orchid Room Mist

This fragrance has a luxurious touch to it with a heart of orchid and lotus wood, blended with top notes of ylang, bergamot and truffle. The base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver & dark chocolate complete this fragrance.

ROOM MIST or “Room de Parfum”. 90ml of perfumers alcohol with the legendary strength of Matty’s fragrances. The special atomiser forces the spray into a thin mist cloud from its aluminium bottle. Because we use alcohol rather than an oil base it won’t stain the floor or make it slippy. The Room Mist bottle has a pewter badge to the front and small enough to carry with you.

Do not spray onto skin, this is not a cosmetic item.

The perfumers alcohol is highly flammable. Keep away from naked flames.

Safety data sheet available on request. IFRA Certificate available on request.


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