Dog Shampoo 250ml Soft and Cuddly


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Matty’s New Soft and Cuddly Dog Shampoo.

Please note this shampoo is designed to clean, leave your doggy soft and cuddly and be sensitive to their skin, it is NOT designed to have lots of lather, (lather is NOT good for sensitive skin, eyes, puppies, dogs with skin complaints) as lather usually means an increased amount of various types of sulphates. This will clean your dog, it’s not designed to foam like your ‘supermarket bought’ shampoo.  What WILL happen is their coat will be unusually soft afterwards. Don’t keep adding more and more expecting it to foam, a normal hand amount is sufficient for a small medium size dog.

For Sensitive Dogs and also suitable for puppies.

  1. It’s Unscented
  2. Contains chamomile, Aloe and Olive Oil to soothe sensitive/itchy skin
  3. Vegan/Cruelty free/Paraben & SLS Free
  4. Especially suited to dogs and puppies with sensitive skin
  5. Smoothes, conditions and nourishes fur
  6. Soap free
  7. Mild and gentle with good cleansing Easy to rinse
  8. Contains Olive Oil Esters to moisturise and soften irritated skin
  9. Non irritant/hypoallergenic
  10. Eco ingredients

Directions for use:

Wet dog thoroughly first, taking care around the  ears and face. squeeze a small amount directly onto the coat paying attention to dry areas of the skin and matted fur. avoid eyes and mouth. massage into coat and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. avoid eyes and mouth. store in a cool dry place and keep away from sunlight.

Use within 12 months of opening.

Ingredients: aqua, mipa laureth sulfate, decyl glucoside, cocamidoproply betaine, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, glycerine, anthemis noblis flower water, sodium chloride, olive oil gycereth-8 esters, phenoxyethanol,  ethlyhexylglycerine, citric acid.

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