Pixie Farts Room Mist


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Pixie Farts Room Mist


Each bottle of room mist production involved 12 real Pixies having their tummies squeezed to make little trumpy pumps. These little pockets of sparkles were then captured and infused into our secret blend of perfumers alcohol  to produce what we now know as Pixie Farts. Don’t worry no Pixies were harmed making these little sparkly pumpy pums. Scent smells of sweet sparkly fizzy sweets. Please do not spray on your face. No-one likes a face trump.

ROOM MIST or “Room de Parfum”. 72g of room spray with the legendary strength of Matty’s fragrances. The special atomiser forces the spray into a thin mist cloud from its aluminium bottle.  The Room Mist bottle has a pewter badge to the front and small enough to carry with you.

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