Industrial Steel Melt Burner Made in UK


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Our new Brushed Steel Matty’s Melt Burners, hand spun steel dish and copper rivets. Perhaps the only steel melt burner on the market that has an extra large unbreakable dish for melting wax. Set higher than usual so the scent lasts longer. Exactly what you would expect from Matty! The base has a pewter badge also hand made.

Please note that these industrious burners are designed to look like unfinished brushed steel. We designed them to have visible spot weld marks and scratches from where the vice has been holding the base. These are all hand made and hand spun. Each one will be slightly different. We opted NOT to have them glazed and polished.

WARNING – Metal dish and adjacent stand gets hot when a lit tea light is placed beneath, do not handle or attempt to move until metal has cooled after use. The base will not get hot but it is not advisable to move the burner until the total unit has cooled as above. Place on tiled surface or coaster before use.

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