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Our range of Soy Melts and Candles are all hand poured from Vegetable Wax meaning a stronger scent and a longer burn time.

Soy is the new wax thing. Yes indeed no more nasty paraffin which destroys the scent. Our SOY scents pack a punch and fills your house (depending how big your house is of course) with the most amazing perfume. Soy wax is harvested from Soy Beans in America separating the fat and then finding its way into our little workshop in Nottingham. They are all hand made and hand poured. We exhibit regularly all around the Midlands and are excited to bring you on our waxy scenty journey. All our Candles are in aluminium tins 7.5cm high/wide and burn up to 40 hours.



Strong scent that packs a real punch filling your home with our Soy scented candles. The price is phenominaly great value and once you’ve Melted with Matty there’s very little chance of you going back to paraffin. All of our candles are hand poured and sold in tins. We mix the fragrance oil which makes up 10% of the wax and make sure it is scented all the way to the bottom. Not like those “other” market leaders that just do an ‘inch or two’. Make the switch to Soy. With Mattys Candles



I can thoroughly recommend the lime basil and manderin or  the damson rose patchouli as being extremely fragrant. People comment on how it “fills” the room and even without lighting has a great ‘cold scent throw’ – meaning you can smell it in the room even before it is lit. Treat yourself.


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You will lose your wax over this one, Lime, Basil and Manderin

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Lavender never gets boring, my favourite .